What is the cheapest price for digital tv aerials?

Poor signal could be the reason you want to have your Tv Aerials fitted. Before you decide to buy one, check with your neighbors if they having the same trouble or you could be having a poor signal service in that particular area.

The cost of installation of Digital Tv Aerials are driven by the following factors

• Your Location – further away you are from a city the more expensive it becomes

• The length of your pole – Determined by how far your house to the rooftop.

• The need of a signal amplifier – If you live far away from the nearest booster stations

• The need for a Splitter – If you have more than 2 Digital TV’s that need separate Aerials fitted.

• Expertise of the installing technician

The cost of Digital TV aerials is determined by locality. Prices will start from £150 for the outer regions and far-flung areas. It will cost you £200 within the city and its outskirts.

If you’re buying everything new from the pole, boosters, cables and sockets then you will pay more than the average price.

When it’s a Digital Tv Aerial replacement, the cost will be £100 for the outer and far-flung regions and £95 for the City and its environs.

You do not need technical skills to replace an old aerial, simply remove it and install the new one on the same pole.